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Fall Fun Day Info & Directions
(Please Pre-Register here)

Please Join us for a day of lure coursing, good food and good company!

When: Saturday, October 20, 2018 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Where: Shannon Park Farm 414 Mount Hammond Lane, Charles Town WV 25414


Please make sure to pre-register for this event. We will be accepting registration and payment on arrival, but knowing how many people and dogs we will have for coursing and lunch and other activities is extremely helpful.

General Info and What to Expect:

Everyone must sign in at the registration table upon arrival. Waivers must be signed and coursing must be paid for before a dog will be allowed to course

• When your dog is not running the course he/she must remain on a leash

• Everyone is responsible for picking up after their dog

• No females in season, please

•  Please bring your own chairs and blankets so you have a comfy place to lounge in your down time

•  This is Private property. Please make sure to use caution when driving and when/if your dog is off leash

Lure Coursing:

• $4 per dog per run for members

• $6 per dog per run for non members

• Dogs will be run on a first come, first served basis so sign in and pay for runs when you arrive. You will be given lure coursing tickets which you will then hand in to the person calling roll when it is your dog’s turn to run.

Lure Coursing Rules:

• All dogs must remain leashed when not running the course

• No females in season, please

• Puppy runs (which are shorter runs) will be offered for dogs under 1 year

• Length and number of runs will be based on the age, health and interest shown from each dog running

• For more questions on what to expect with lure coursing, click here

Nosework Practice:  Will be in the match ring available for folks to try anytime the Conformation Match is not being judged

Parade of Rescues : 11 AM

Conformation Fun Match :  after Parade of Rescues

Lunch and Club meeting (Noon to 1:00 pm):

• We will be having a chili contest!  Please let us know on the registration page if you wish to participate in the chili contest or  what other dish you are bringing a dish to share (if you can!).  CBARRC will provide water and paper-goods/flatware.  Those not participating in the Chili contest/ pot luck are asked to make a donation of $5 towards lunch.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that electricity will be available for heating food. Please plan a “cold” pot luck food item.

Costume Contest : After lunch

• Lure coursing will resume after the Costume Contest

Volunteers needed!! 

• If you are able to help out with lure coursing please contact Mike at mdblondell@gmail.com. 

• If you can help with registration please contact etice12@gmail.com or Bonnie at ridgesec2000@yahoo.com.