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Fun Day 2009

Dr. Kammi Kai Hefner has been involved with breeding, raising, training, showing, and managing pure-bred dogs (American Foxhounds, Bedlington Terriers, Chinese Shar-Pei, Dachshunds, Golden Retrievers, Great Danes, and Shih-Tzu) since early childhood. She often jokes that she was actually “born in a whelping box!” Her dedication and commitment to the Dog Fancy began when she was 6 years old and I witnessed the first breeding and whelping of a litter of her mom’s Dachshunds. Officially she began my career at the tender whelp of thirteen, when she showed Miniature Schnauzers in the breed ring, competed in Junior Showmanship with Car-Lee’s Love With Gusto RA10280, and completed her first Companion Dog (CD) title in October 1975 on Hefner’s Blue Jean Britches, CD RA115692.

Dr. Hefner acquired her first Chinese Shar-Pei in 1984, Chou-Dee’ who was bred only once and who lived 16½ wonderful years. One pup from this litter, Ada, was bred twice and place 4th at the 1996 CSPCA National Specialty in Tulsa, OK out of the Veterans class. Six months later Ada passed from complications of amyloidosis. Over these 16 years she finished several dogs while the breed was only recognized in the Miscellaneous Group. Having been born and raised on AKC principles, OFA and health screening tests, she was forced to end her Shar-Pei breeding program due to the lack of tests for eliminating amyloidosis. However, the Shar-Pei remains dear to her heart.

Dr. Hefner has continued to be involved with dog-related activities via Kushinda Rhodesian Ridgebacks (founded by Kimma B. Hefner). Dr. Hefner helped whelped the first Ridgeback she acquired in 1989. She bred her first litter, Champion, and Dual Champion in 1993. She is recognized for establishing a renowned Lure Coursing kennel known throughout the country for producing the fully functional Ridgeback. Kushinda is complete with having earned more than 250 AKC Titles. She recognized as an Owner/Breeder/Handler showing to Conformation Championships from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class! One of her most recent accomplishments was 2014 when she finished two DUAL CHAMPIONS, Mr. Edmund and LiZeTTe! Kushinda also recorded its 50th CHIC Ridgeback in 2019!

Dr. Hefner began conformation judging in 1996, bringing a fresh combination of identifying function in the show dog while maintaining the highest regard for conforming to the Ridgeback standard. She is now licensed via the AKC to judge Ridgebacks, 16 other Hound Breeds, eight Working Breeds, Golden Retrievers, Bedlington Terriers, Chinese Shar-Pei and All-Breed Juniors. Currently, she is in the process of applying for additional breeds in the Hound and Working Groups.

Dr. Hefner, as President of CBARRC, and 15-year member, accepts this honor with the humbled anticipation of leading its membership into 2020 with renewed direction for collaborating resources to support all Ridgeback enthusiasts through organized activities in accordance with Section 2 of the Constitution and By-Laws.  Her primary focus is to raise funds to support Ridgeback Rescue via Lure Coursing and CAT events.  As a professional educator herself, she will be on promoting educational activities for the general public, breeders, and other rescue organizations and humane societies.  Special attention will be brought forth to continue CBARRC activities during the Pandemic.

My name is Pat Wieland and I live in Thomasville , PA.  I attended Virginia Tech University and obtained a BS in Animal Science which I was able to use after college in a research capacity . I am married and have 2 grown adult children,one boy and girl. My daughter was married this past Fall (2019) and lives in California. My son lives in Pa close by so he is my dog watcher which he loves since he can’t have pets in his apartment. My first introduction to the Rhodesian Ridgeback was back in the 1990’s. I have been owned by a Ridgeback ever since. I have been successful in the conformation ring and on the Lure Coursing Field with all my dogs. I have bred a few litters over the years and have also shared my household with Golden Retrievers and Smooth Fox Terriers. Besides CBARRC, I am a member of RRCUS, Tortoise & Hare Lure Coursing Club, Mason Dixon Lure Coursing Club, Upper Chesapeake Bay Saluki Club, and Golden Retriever Club of US. I am active in my church and have sung with the Adult choir now for over 20yrs. My husband and I love the beach and spend each summer at our family home in Eastham, Cape Cod with the Golden Retrievers. Some Ridgebacks have been there too . I am retired from being a customer service representative for a box company but continue educating myself having completed the Project Management Course curriculum at Penn State ,York Campus recently. I love to learn new things and consider every club , activity, event, or social gathering a great opportunity to broaden my horizons. I was the interim Secretary for CBARRC when Bonnie Louden resigned and I look forward to being more involved as the Vice President.

I got my first Ridgeback in 1996. I knew little about the breed or dog training but luckily ‘Big Dog Jake’ turned into a wonderful pet – a good thing at 120 pounds! I found CBARRC while searching for something to do with Jake. We went to our first ‘fun day’ in 2004, it was a blast to see such a gathering of ridgebacks and their people.

In 2009, I  fostered Singer, a RRRI dog.  I fell in love with her silliness and adopted her.  She was a live wire and taught me a LOT about dog training.  We tried a LOT of things: Agility, Rally, FlyBall, Nosework, Therapy, Lure Coursing, Trick Dog, Barn Hunt and her favorites Hiking, Hunting and Sun Worshipping.   She left us in 2018.

I currently have Two Ridgebacks, Cruiser and Daisy and continue to play silly games with them.  They love to learn new things!


Brooke Davies joined the CBARRC Board in 2017, having owned ridgebacks since the early 2000s. I was first introduced to the breed in the 1990s through a friend and immediately fell in love with Jasper’s combination of athleticism, loyalty, and love of sleeping on couches (or anywhere). I currently have two ridgebacks – Zephyr (DC Mahaba’s Monkey Business, SC, ET, TDI, CGC) and Celeste (Keniba’s Celestial Queen). Next up will be rally for Zephyr (when I can figure out how to stop traveling for work) and lure coursing/rally for Celeste. I discovered CBARRC through Bonnie Louden’s welcoming attitude while getting involved in lure coursing with Zephyr several years ago and am pleased to now be able to serve the organization and its members through the Board.

Outside of CBARRC, I currently work as a consultant on emergency management and crisis communications to electric and gas utilities. In the past, I’ve served in various board positions, including President, and as a volunteer master firefighter/emergency medical technician for a metropolitan Washington, D.C. fire/rescue department. In my spare time, when I’m not doing activities with the dogs,I love woodworking and ceramics.

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ElinI first met Rhodesian Ridgebacks when my parents lived in southern Africa for a few years, but the encounter with a friends RR, Sarula Fufuru, positively sealed the deal.

About 15 years later, in 2010, it was finally “the right time” and that same good friend entrusted my husband Mike and I with ZiZula (Lewanika Ghaniyah FCh, SC, HIC). Our big puppy boy Nefertem (Dykumos Blue Lotus of The Sun) joined us in 2013.
We lead an active lifestyle with our Ridgies, including frequent walks, obedience training, lure-coursing and straight racing, and they also help us tend our gardens, taste-test our foods and make sure that couches don’t fly away.

Personally, CBARRC has provided a great resource and a relaxed environment to meet and greet other Ridgeback enthusiasts, ask questions and learn about all things RR.  My goal, as a CBARRC member and part of the Board of Directors, is to continue the inclusiveness of the Club, ensure our support for Ridgeback rescue organizations, and promote RR health and genetic studies for the future of the breed.