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Meile earned her Veterans Field Champion title on March 31, 2018! She finished her ASFA VFCH with a strong first place in a field of 5 veterans at the age of 10 ! She did so well... finishing in 16 months with 2 BOB wins, three 1st place finishes, two 2nd places and one 3rd on 8 days of running!

Meile (A Reason 2 Believe Luanda JC CGC VCH) is owned by Shody Lytle and Asta McCormick.
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Nash was the 2015 breed winner at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club. Along with several breed wins and group placements, Nash also completed his first 12 mile run for an Endurance Trail title at the National Specialty in Warwick, Rhode Island. At the specialty he was given an Award Of Merit. During the course of the year he has also competed in some coursing events. Nash also received his first group 1 placement on October 18, 2015, in Cumberland, Maryland. This show was sponsored by the Potomac Valley Kennel Club and supported by Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Of America.

Nash is owned by Francis K. Merson and Deborah A. Merson / Suzanne C. Hills.
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6/21/2015 Teaka; FC Turoka Penny's Teaka Roo James RL MC, LCX, Asfa FC, LCM2, Veteran FC
At the age of 10 years and 7 months, Teaka completed the requirements for the AKC title Lure Courser Excellent (LCX). From the AKC website: Any dog that has been awarded the title of Field Champion and has earned 45 additional championship points will be awarded the suffix title of Lure Courser Excellent. She continues to enjoy the sport of lure coursing and has lost none of her enthusiasm, as the photos will attest.

Teaka is owned by Bonnie Louden
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6/2/2015 Olivia; GCH DC Toroa's Devil With The Blue Dress, TD,SC,FCH,VC
Versatility Certificate from the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US

Olivia is owned by Candace Gartland
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4/12/2015 Emma: Vyrtuous Emma Good Thief, TD,RN,MC,NA,NAJ,FCH,CGC,TT,HIC,VC,NW2
Nose Work NW2

Emma is owned by Candace Gartland
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4/11/2015 Hero; CH. Symetri's Spring Into Action, TD,SC,HIC,CGC,NW1
Nose Work NW1

Hero is owned by Candace Gartland
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4/20/2014 Emma; Vyrtuous Emma Good Thief, TD, RN, MC, NA, NAJ, FCH, CGC, TT, HIC, VC, NW1
NW1 - K9 Nosework

Emma is owned by Candace Gartland
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2/1/2015 Olivia; Toroa's Devil With The Blue Dress, SC,FCH,TD
RRCUS Top 20 Combined Lure Courser.

Olivia is owned by Candace Gartland
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5/18/2014 Olivia; GCH DC Toroa's Devil With A Blue Dress, SC, FCH, TD, obtained her Tracking Dog Title (TD).

Olivia is owned by Candace Gartland
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Kushinda's Lizette took WB/BOW/BOS on 01/19/14 at Westminster, MD over two Special Bitches. Kushinda Ridgebacks - expertly handled by Dr. Kammi Kai Hefner "as always" out of the BBE class! Lizette is owned by Dr. Kammi K & Kimma B & Karrie Dee Hefner, Patricia A Weiland & Samantha Stahle. (posted 2/18/14)

Sire: GCH Kushinda Legend Of Count D'Artagnan Muskeeters C&T JC (Falkon's brother)
Dam: CH Kushinda's Good Night Gweneth UK SC JC
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01/19/14 Kushinda's Falkon just took Winner's Dog out of the BRED BY EXHIBITOR class !!! !!! Shown by Dr. Kammi Kai Hefner. Falkon is owned by Dr Kimma B Hefner & Kammi Kai Hefner & Karrie D Hefner. (posted 2/18/14)
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In 2013, Olivia achieved her conformation Championship, Grand Championship, and her Field Championship before the age of two years old. She is: GCH DC. Toroa's Devil With the Blue Dress, SC. Owned by Candace Gartland and bred by Cynthia McFadden. (posted 1/14/2014)
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Emma has qualified for the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of U.S. Versatility Certificate. Vyrtuous Emma Good Thief, TD, NA, NAJ, FCH, RN, MC, CGC, HIC, TT, VC. Owned & Handled by Candace Gartland
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Hero passing his Tracking Dog test handled by Candace Gartand. He is now Ch. Symetri Spring Into Action, TD, JC, CGC, TT, HIC
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Trent Prange: My RR Lucy has started Coursing this season and has earned 8 points so far in 3 AKC events. She won the open class at a SHOT event in March( a 4 and 3 point major). Then picked up one more point in Hanover with an MDIHC club event on the 7-8th of August. At that same event she won Best in Breed of their annual Sight Hound Spree competition. The Sight Hound Spree is a combination Lure Coursing and Conformation event.
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Aria is now FCH. Rajataru Solo Performance, MC, FCH, CGC, HIC. . Rhodesian Ridgeback Aria finished her AKC Field Championship in Lure Coursing at SHOT on September 12, 2010. Owned by Candace Gartland

Also, on April 25, 2010 at the SHOT ASFA lure- coursing trial in Williamsburg, VA my Rhodesian Ridgeback girl Aria was Best of Breed to finish her ASFA field championship. She is: Rajataru Solo Performance, SC, FCH.
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